Prosthodontics Services in Abu Dhabi

Prosthodontics Services in Abu Dhabi

Prosthodontics Therapy

A dental crown, also known as a full coverage restoration, is a dental prosthesis that encircles the entire circumference of the tooth in order to strengthen it. Following root canal treatment or if the tooth lacks tooth structure due to a large cavity, a dental crown is indicated. The tooth is reduced to a stump in order to receive the crown. Dental Crowns comes in a wide range of materials, patients could choose crowns that looks the most natural to their existing teeth or could mask out discolored teeth and change the color of all their teeth.

A common and affordable crown and bridge option is porcelain fused to metal (PFM). They have some of the strength associated with a metal prosthetic, as well as the natural look of porcelain crowns. They have a small metal rim which is difficult to notice, particularly on back teeth.

For front teeth, some patients opt for paying an additional fee for another tooth-colored option with could be all ceramic porcelain, E-max or zirconia.

Treatment Preparation

Recommended for

  • Teeth suffering from large cavities.
  • Teeth following root canal therapy.
  • Worn down teeth due to grinding.
  • Bite issues (Occlusal/Bite disharmony).


Not all teeth will require a root canal treatment before crown installation.


The dentist will reduce the size of the tooth, so that the crown may be fitted on top. Then a mould of the mouth will be taken so that the crown is customized in the laboratory. This will take a few days, and at your next appointment the crown will be cemented into place. Depending on the clinic, dental crowns may be fabricated in the same day using CAD/CAM technology.

Patients are free to choose which crown material they want. The standard and most common is the crown made from porcelain fused to metal, also known as PFM, which tends to be the gold standard. These are mostly tooth-colored, but offer the added strength of a metal base. As the metal can sometimes be visible, some people prefer all-ceramic or zirconia crowns, especially for front teeth. Some clinics offer gold crowns which are offer many advantages, being sturdy, long-lasting and require minimum preparation of the tooth. The gold crowns are more noticeable and definitely costlier, as the crown is priced by the weight of the material it is made from.

Treatment Details


Local anesthetic (usually).

Procedure duration

One hour to prepare the tooth, decrease the size of the tooth, prepare the mould and fit a temporary crown. At your next appointment, the crown will be fitted. As the tooth needs to be cleaned and dried and the cement needs to be applied and left to dry, the process can take around one hour as well. Depending on the clinic, dental crowns may be fabricated in the same day using CAD/CAM technology.

What to expect

Post procedure care

Patients should avoid eating on the crown straight away. Certain things, such as hard or chewy sweets, should be avoided long-term, as the crown could come loose.

Possible discomfort

Most patients do not experience discomfort following crown fabrication, however, if the tooth was not root canal treated, the patient may experience some additional sensitivity for a period of time after the treatment.


Important To Know

Not recommended for:

  • Inadequate root length.
  • Poor bony support.


Crown and Bridge preparation


A dental bridge, also known as a Fixed Dental Prosthesis, is a prosthesis that is used to replace a single or multiple missing teeth. A dental bridge is similar to a crown, however, it consists of at least 2 or 3 teeth. The bridge is cemented over the top of the teeth at either side of a gap, so that the pontic (the prosthetic tooth in the middle which is replacing the missing tooth) is held in place.

Treatment Preparation

Recommended for

  • Replacing missing teeth


In order to prepare for a dental bridge, the teeth on either side of the gap are reduced in size in order to receive a dental bridge on top, like a cap.


At the first appointment, teeth will be prepared, and an impression is taken so that the final bridge can be fabricated in the laboratory. The dentist would create a temporary bridge to use while the final bridge is being made. Once the final bridge has been fabricated, it is fitted and cemented into the teeth. Depending on the clinic, dental bridges may be made on the same day using CAD/CAM technology.

Treatment Details


Bridges are available in a range of materials, most commonly used is porcelain fused to metal (PFM) bridges. These are mostly tooth-colored, but offer the added strength of a metal base. As the metal can sometimes be visible, some people prefer an all ceramic option of zirconia or E-max, especially in esthetically demanding areas like the front teeth.


Local anesthetic (usually).

Procedure duration

The Dental Bridge takes 2 to 3 hours.

Usually 2 appointments are required. At the first appointment, the dentist will prepare the teeth and take a mould. The bridge would be custom-made in a laboratory (patients should ask how long this will take). At the next appointment, the bridge will be cemented into place.

What to expect

Post-operative care

Patients should avoid eating on the bridge straight away. Certain foods, such as hard or chewy sweets, should be avoided as the bridge could become loose.

Possible discomfort

Patients may suffer with tooth sensitivity when exposed to very hot or cold food or drinks following the procedure. Patients may also experience a dull ache after the bridge has been fitted. Both symptoms should subside after a few weeks.

Important To Know

Not recommended for:

Tooth that has just been removed, as the gums need time to heal before bridge fabrication.

Generally, when we think of dentists, we think about cavities and misaligned teeth, but with time, dentistry has broadened its scope to deal with more advanced problems. Prosthodontics is one such branch of dentistry, dedicated to developing dental prosthetics (artificial teeth) for people with damaged or missing teeth.

What is covered under prosthodontics?

Prosthodontic services in Abu Dhabi have been gaining popularity in the last few decades due to the range of problems they deal with:

  • Absence of teeth
  • Extremely damaged teeth.
  • TMJ dysfunction or pain
  • Facial or mouth pain
  • Aesthetic issues.
  • Obstructive snoring
What is the difference between dentists and prosthodontists?

A general dentist is a primary provider of dental care. They provide routine dental consultations and cleanings, as well as basic restorative treatments such as fillings, crowns, Braces and bridges.

A prosthodontist is a type of dentist. They receive three years of residency training after finishing dental school. They specialize in tooth replacements such as crowns, bridges, and dentures.

Prosthodontic treatments are offered by us

At Al Bahri, with the best prosthodontist in Abu Dhabi, we offer a number of dental treatments, including:


When a natural tooth has damage or decay, a dental crown is often used to cover the entire tooth. The native tooth is permanently sealed over with a dental crown, which is most frequently made of porcelain, to restore both its form and function.


A dental bridge is composed of three or more linked dental crowns. The dental bridge’s outside crowns are placed over the two teeth on either side of the gap left by the chipped tooth, and the inner crowns replace the absent tooth or teeth.

Dental implants

If you are missing any teeth, a prosthodontist service in Abu Dhabi can help you through dental implants. In dental implant surgery, damaged or missing teeth are replaced with prosthetics that closely resemble real teeth, and metal posts replace the tooth roots in appearance and function.

Dental Veneers

Veneers are thin shells that cover the front layers of your teeth. To improve your smile, veneers cover the front surface areas of your teeth. They function by concealing cosmetic Dentistry or Cosmetic  flaws.


A denture is a detachable prosthesis for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. At Al Bahri, with the best prosthodontist in Abu Dhabi, we make custom dentures for your individual needs, so they are highly comfortable and functional.

Advantages of prosthodontist services

Prosthodontic treatments can include:

  • restore severely damaged teeth.
  • Make up for missing teeth.
  • strengthens your bite (the way your teeth fit together).
  • correct TMJ problems.
Are there any risks?


When it comes to prosthodontic services in Abu Dhabi, the risks are minimal. As with any dental procedure, there is always the possibility of infection or loss of feeling.

Contact Best Dentists In Abu Dhabi or prosthodontist right away if you notice any red flags, such as fever or irrigation near the treatment site.

Why us?

Al Bahri has one of the best prosthodontic dentists in Abu Dhabi. We are at the top of the healthcare industry and provide the highest standard of care to our community. All our treatment courses are performed using the latest technology.



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Prosthodontics is a dental specialty focused on tooth prosthetics, like veneers, crowns, bridges, or implants. Specialized dentists in this field enhance smiles and restore oral functions with these prosthetic solutions.

Certainly! Prosthodontics excels in cosmetic dentistry. These dentists, experienced in veneers, expertly enhance smiles. They are skilled general practitioners with a specific focus on cosmetic dental procedures.

For restorable teeth, we offer minimally invasive solutions like onlays or crowns. If restoration isn’t possible, an implant may be recommended to restore both function and aesthetics.

To address missing teeth, consider dental implants, bridges, or removable prosthesis. Each option caters to specific needs, providing effective solutions for tooth replacement.

Absolutely! Replacing missing teeth is crucial to preventing misalignment issues. Teeth tend to shift, potentially causing further problems. It’s advisable to replace missing teeth promptly to maintain oral health.

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