Dr. Moayad Ali Al-Khalif

Dr. Moayad Ali Al-Khalif

General Practitioner

Dr. Moayad Ali Al-Khalif is a DOH Licensed General Practitioner. He is a graduate of the prestigious University of Damascus in 2018.
He had trained under renowned doctors back in Syria in the fields of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery. Dr. Moayad has 5 years of private practice experience and holds a Diploma in Dental Implants from Syria.

Dr. Moayad was recognized as “Best Doctor” in previous dental facilities where we worked extensively in prosthetics and root canal therapy.

He recently joined AlBahri Dental and Orthodontic Center due to the nature of multi-disciplinary approach to treatment in the centers. He looks forward to providing his patients the best tailored treatments necessary.

Dr. Moayad enjoys spending time with his family along with playing football and swimming with his friends and colleagues.