Dental Procedures While Pregnant or Breastfeeding

Dental Procedures While Pregnant or Breastfeeding


When visiting a dentist or a dental specialist, you should always inform us if you are pregnant or breast feeding when visiting Al Bahri Dental and Orthodontic Center to tailor our treatment plans to your needs.

Routine dental treatment is relatively safe, and some emergency procedures may be possible and can be done during pregnancy. Having a healthy oral cavity would be beneficial to you and your fetus.

However, we always recommend women who are trying to get pregnant to visit the dentist for a general routine checkup in order to avoid any emergencies or dental treatments during pregnancy.

Are Dental Restorations safe for pregnant and/ or breastfeeding moms?

Some women put off dental treatments due to their pregnancy, however pregnancy increases the risk of dental issues due to morning sickness, frequent snacking and hormonal changes that affects the gums.

Dental restorations (dental fillings) should be done in the second trimester when women are more comfortable and the fetus more developed. Therefore, its better to treat some dental issues rather than allowing it to progress to an infection that may have serious consequences on your health and your baby’s.

Are cleanings (scaling and polishing) safe during pregnancy and/or breastfeeding?

Routine dental cleanings are safe and recommended during pregnancy. During pregnancy there are many hormonal changes that affects the gums, so cleanings may help avoid any issues.

This usually happens during the second trimester.
Gum issues (gingivitis) include:
  1. Red Gums
  2. Swollen gums
  3. Bleeding gums



Can I get crowns and veneers during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

While pregnant, appointments should be kept short for your comfort, and crowns and veneers tend to be elective dental procedures, it’s safer to delay till after pregnancy.

However, during breastfeeding, it is safe to get any type of prosthetic work, including crowns and veneers.

Always remember to inform any staff member or your dentist at Al bahri Dental and Orthodontic Center that you are either pregnant or breast feeding before any appointment.

Can I get my teeth bleached (teeth whitening) during pregnancy or breast feeding?

It is generally not advised due the caustic nature of the material being used and the long appointment in the chair. Teeth whitening is considered elective which would be better to be delayed till after pregnancy.

Can I get an emergency tooth extraction during pregnancy or breast feeding?

During these situations, as your dentist, we weigh the pros and cons of the treatment. This decision is made with your medical doctor through a medical consultation where your medical doctor will work in collaboration with our doctors to provide you with the best dental care.

Being that it is an emergency, the advantages of extracting the tooth due to infection and pain outweigh the disadvantages, just make sure to inform our staff members or treating dentist to apply the local anesthetic that is safest for breast milk or the fetus.

Can I get Dental implant while pregnant or breast feeding?

Dental implants are a rehabilitative treatment after tooth extraction. This tends to be a relatively elective procedure that may be delayed till after the birth of your child.

At Al Bahri Dental and Orthodontic Center, we welcome all your concerns and questions regarding your pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Research has shown that most dental procedures and anesthetic techniques to be safe for nursing and pregnant mothers, we always recommend that you schedule any necessary dental treatments with our dentists or specialists before a dental issue rises.


Written by:

Dr. Rami Albahri DDS, MMSc.

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