What are the Lifetime Benefits of Dental Implants in Abu Dhabi

What are the Lifetime Benefits of Dental Implants in Abu Dhabi

A dental implant is the best way to deal with missing teeth. It restores your smile permanently. Al Bahri provides you with the best dental implants in Abu Dhabi, and today we will be talking about some of the reasons why they are considered the best solution.

What are dental implants?

In dental implant surgery, tooth roots are replaced with metal posts resembling screws, and damaged or absent teeth are replaced with prosthetic teeth that resemble natural teeth in appearance and function.

Earlier missing teeth were replaced using bridges or dentures, but now, dental implants in Abu Dhabi are preferred over the alternative due to their fascinating advantages.

Advantages of dental implants

The multiple benefits of dental implants are:

Permanent solution

Dental implants are a one-time investment. You do not need to change or fear them falling off like dentures. Moreover, unlike dentures, which need to be changed every few years, dental implants are long-term solutions for missing teeth.

Improve your appearance!

The first thing people notice about you when they encounter you is your smile, which can make a difference. A smile makes you highly attractive. They enhance the glow of your face.

Dental implants in Abu Dhabi can enhance your look and boost your self-esteem. You’ll have stunning teeth that look natural thanks to dental implants, giving you the self-assurance to flash that grin.

Prevent bone loss.

The absence of teeth can cause the gums of that area to deteriorate. Without an implant, the bone surrounding the missing tooth loses 25% of its volume in the first year after tooth loss, and the bone loss persists over time.

Other solutions, such as dentures, accelerate bone loss instead of preventing them. Dental implants, in this case, prevent this from happening. They replace both the roots and the teeth, providing enough stimulation to the underlying bone structure.

Prevent gum disease.

The space left behind by the missing tooth can act as a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, which can later lead to extensive gum disease.

Getting dental implants in Abu Dhabi is an easy solution to this problem. The dental implants will fill the gap and prevent the food from getting accommodated in the space, preventing gum disease.

Prevent premature aging!

The bone loss from missing teeth can cause facial sagging, where the lower third of the face begins to collapse, gradually closing the distance between the tip of the nose and the chin, which can cause premature aging. Increased lines around the mouth, thinner lips, and a sharper jawline are a few changes that can make someone appear much older than their actual age. Dental implants provide support and stimulation to the face’s bone structure to prevent this problem.


A dental implant is a perfect solution to restore your smile. Contact Best Dentists In Abu Dhabi– Al Bahri about having digital dental implants in Abu Dhabi right away if you’ve lost one or more teeth due to damage or decay.

We will provide you with a consultation with an expert in the field and tell you more about the treatment options so you can choose the best solution for yourself.

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