What to consider when choosing your best dentist in Al Ain

What to consider when choosing your best dentist in Al Ain

Your oral care is as important as your physical one, getting regular checkups, visiting a doctor when you feel that something is wrong, and immediately acting on any kind of foreign experience, all these things are as important to maintain your oral health as they are for your physical well-being. But we still take no serious steps to protect our teeth and one of the major reasons is the widespread dislike for dentists.

Well, this problem of yours is a common one and very resolvable, all you need is to find a dentist that suits you in a way the best dentist out there. It might be difficult to find the best dentist in Al Ain, but you can check out some of the factors that make a dentist close to the best.

In this article, we will discuss the factors you should consider before choosing a dentist.

Tips to choose the best dentist


Education takes a major share when it comes to important milestones in a healthcare worker’s life, especially a dentist. Dental school, which normally entails four years of specialised education in science, math, ethics, and safety, is a must for all dentists. Dental hygienists must also complete dental school training and frequently hold degrees and qualifications above the minimum need. They are in charge of performing screenings, cleanings, and assisting dentists during major surgeries and treatments.

It is therefore important to ensure that the dentist you are going for has completed all these milestones from a reputed place.


Experience is the next important factor to consider, it surpasses education on the preference scale. No matter how much you study from books, nothing can teach you better than first-hand experience.

The more experienced a dentist is, the more confident and precise he will be in his technique. A dentist who is in the middle of their career life, i.e., 10-15 years of experience (at the least), are the ones you should go for, they are experienced enough to provide you with good care and still open to suggestions.


Depending just upon the advertisement of the clinic or the dentist is not enough to trust his credibility. Ensure that you talk to some of the real clients or ex-clients to ensure that what you are going for is the best dentist in Al Ain. Read reviews left by the ex-clients to understand what didn’t work for them and if it would be a problem for you too.

Clinic location and atmosphere

Lastly, ensure that the clinic is in your vicinity and has a good environment. If the clinic is too far from your home or the atmosphere is not fitting you, the visit to the dentist will become a tedious job and we don’t want that.

The best in Al Ain

Now that we have created a checklist to ensure that we visit the best dentist in Al Ain, let me recommend you a place that fits all the above-stated criteria; Al Bahri. The dentists working at Al Bahri have excelled in their fields and have years of experience to perfect their job. The clinic itself has a very welcoming atmosphere. You would be receiving the best dental care in Al Bahri.

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