What Are Clear Aligners, Invisalign

What Are Clear Aligners, Invisalign

With recent advances in dental technologies, 3D scanning and 3D printing, there is another innovative way to straighten your teeth without the unpleasing look of metal on your teeth.

What is Invisalign?

As discussed in the previous blog about different orthodontic treatment one of the options in aligning and correcting any malpositioned teeth are the use of a clear aligned, called Invisalign. Its made of clear transparent material that are custom made to your teeth that are pre-made and pre-planned by your orthodontist.


How does the clear aligners, Invisalign work?

Upon beginning the orthodontic treatment with Invisalign, the patient will receive a set of alginers. Each aligner should be worn 7-14 days for 22 hours per day. With every aligner used, we get closer to the outcome.

What is the process of beginning my Invisalign treatment?

  1. Photographs, panoramic radiograph, and cephalometric radiographs are key to an accurate diagnosis before beginning treatment.
  2. 3D scan with a digital scanner should be taken of the teeth and sent to the company.
  3. The orthodontist plans the case on the Invisalign software and requests the company to manufacture the aligners through 3D printed technology.
  4. Once treatment with all alginers are complete, the orthodontist rechecks the dentition and if further movements are needed, the orthodontist rescans the dentition and gets sent back to the company.
Advantages of Invisalign Disdvantages of Invisalign
Minor food restrictions Patient needs to be compliant 22 hours in a day
More esthetic (transparent) Cost of treatment.
More comfortable (no wires)
Easier brushing and Flossing.
Shorter treatment time (depending on compliance)

How to maintain my Invisalign.

  1. Avoid eating with the aligners
  2. Avoid drinking hot beverages with the aligners
  3. After wearing the aligners, always rinse and brush them with a separate dedicated toothbrush.
  4. When not wearing them, keep them in their case and not napkins to not accidentally throw them out.
  5. Every morning and night, brush the aligners with water and not toothpaste, as toothpaste contains abrasives that may damage or distort the aligners.

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